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The SENACA page is divided into two content formats: knowledge (knowledge contents) and the platform with the program content (SENACA health program).

The former has been created within a CTI-project under the same name SENACA, in cooperation with four university hospitals (Zurich, Geneva, Lugano, Bern). The management of the respective departements signed their responsibility for this content.

SENAcheck was developed in collaboration with the Connecticut Department of Public Health and HON, as well as Dr. med. Fischli, Chief doctor of Endocrinology, Kantonsspital Luzern and Dr. med. Mutter, Chief doctor Medicine at Kantonsspital Glarus (2008-2010). On this basis, EMN has expanded in cooperation with the inclusion of relevant internationally recognized tests for chronic risks (AGLA Risc Calculator, FINDRISC, FRAX, COPD Risk Screener) and tested in the clinical feasability study (2010-2014).

The program content is created and implemented through Medical Network EMN AG with the involvement of health care professionals (see Impressum).

The accuracy, timeliness, completeness and clarity of the published content is carefully respected. The contents of this page are reviewed periodically. The latest full review was carried out in 2014. Deviated revisions are indicted on the individual websites. At the time of the creation the contents corresponded to the current state of knowledge. Liability for the material and immaterial damages that may arise from the use of this knowledge is excluded.


The editiorial responsibility rests on John Winistoerfer a.i., Director Medical Network EMN AG.


The available information on the website www.senaca.ch supports the existing doctor-patient-relationship and does not replace it. Knowledge contents (text, images, animations, videos) are not a substitute for a comprehensive patient education as well. They serve only for further information of a doctor or a trained specialist.


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Clinical tests

SENACA Feasibility study – summary

The SENACA pilot study is based on the study protocol Version 0.3 (20.11.2012), approved by the Ethics Committee of St. Gallen (EKSG 11/107/L/1B), Bern, Luzern and Zurich (on behalf of Glarus), started in May 2013 (recruitment) add ended in February 2014 (report).


The original protocol of observation study is based on a cohort size of 60 parients, resulting in actual number of 35 participants (60%).

  1. The actual technical equipment of SENACA (self-management system for chronic diseases and risks) is applicable in an avarage houshold.
  2. The system convinces the typical user (according inclusion criteria) in its use and effects.
  3. Such training and patient-oriented method has the potential to change the adherence and the way of life positively.
  4. Clinical values, as well as the quality of live of the participants (and indirectly their caregivers, e.g. family members) may be stabilized and improved.
  1. Through regular control of the operator (EMN) and the observation of the user (detailed report) SENACA proved to be reliable and applicable system (except small errors that have been fixed and improved).
  2. The majority of study participants (about 90%) is convicend of SENACA and could simply apply it. Some criteria have been revised and will be improved in the next versions.
  3. The two main features of the behavioural change (lifestyle) show following combined effects:
    • Nutrition: the avarage loss of the weight of all particpants within 100/50 days is 1.9 kg per person.
    • Activity: the avarage steps/day, measured by the pedometer, amount daily more than 9000 steps per person  (WHO recommends a healthy movement measure of 10’000 steps per day).
  4. A relevant summary analysis of clinical results is not possible due to the relatively small number of participants. Based on relevant literature and other studies according to the above values (c) can be concluded that a stabilization and improvement of the clinical values can be achieved.

The SENACA system have been successfully verified by a representative target group (high-risk patients with hypertension, obesity, and/or pre-diabetes and early diagnosed chronic diseases such as heart failure (HYHA 1), type 2 diabetes mellitus in the early stages) on technical reliability, easy handling and convincing efficacy.

Furthermore SENACA shows a significant potential to improve the living habits and to stabilize and thus improve the clinical factors.

On behalf of the examining doctors and the operator:

Dr. med. Michael Mutter, Specialist Internal Medicine/Cardiology FMH

Head of Cardiology, deputy chief doctor of Internal Medicine, Kantonsspital Glarus


Dr. med. Stefan Fischli, Specialist Endocrinology/Diabetology FMH

Chief doctor of Endocrinology, Kantonsspital Luzern


John Winistoerfer

CEO, Medical Network EMN, Kilchberg-Zurich


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