Privacy policy

All data entered into the SENACA® system is stored in complience with the privacy policy of Switzerland to competently manage servers and separate databases (anonymized data separated from personal identification data).

Medical Network EMN AG (hereinafter EMN) is working together with the Swiss hosting company SECURERACK ( The data centers used for the storage of your data are exclusively in Switzerland, the exact location is known to EMN. All personnel of both EMN as of SECURERACK is obligated to appropriate confidentiality.

The access to your SENACA health data is protected by your login name (email address) and your personal password.

Your personal and sensitive data (health data) are recorded in three places:

  1. SENAcheck is an anonymous risk-assessment tool that creates a risk profile based on scientific algorithm using replies to questions on health issues. This check can be done completely anonymous. As identification feature applies a randomly generated code, which is displayed for the user ("SENAcode").

  2. This code is required when registering and ordering the SENACA system to detect the health parameters that are required for the personalization of the system and service. By registering, the user allows the personal (name, email address, contact details) and data resulting from SENAcheck (date of birth, gender, clinical parameters, anamnesis, health status, lifestyle habits) to be used exclusively for configuring a customized training program.

  3. The SENACA system consists of this program and of clinical measuring devices with which you measure and send data regulary via Bluetooth to the hub (transmission device). This data is anonymous and is only linked with the appropriate users at the arrival on the server of SENACA. 

The transmission of data between SENACA user and SENACA system is encrypted by HTTPS/SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

EMN reserves the use of anonymous data for statistical, scientific and educational purposes.

The database/server structure provided for the use of SENACA system corresponds to Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection of 19 June 1992, in particular Act 11. The reporting obligation for the regular collection of sensitive personal data (health data). mentioned in the Act, is satisfied.

2019-11-16 21:57