Senaca has been developed as a private initiative of an independent Swiss SMEs on the basis of a health literacy project in cooperation with the universities and with the support of the Federation (KTI/CTI).

The system is managed and distributed in Switzerland by Medicare Service AG, a company of the Galenica Group, as a licensed product.



With more personal responsibility, extending the quality of life (instead of life) should be moved in the foreground("compression of morbidity").

Verlängerung der Lebensqualität

For this, the SENACA approach provides a structured program of behavior modification.


Target groups

SENACA applies to

  • People with chronic risks (primary prevention)
  • Early diagnosed patients (secondary prevention)
  • and related parties as informal caregivers


Cooperation with (formal) care and doctors

The proposed program for the registered users should be endorsed by the attending doctor or can be changed if necessary (manual blasting).

Care and doctors receive with future versions of SENACA with permission of the patient access to personal health dossier and other elements of the system.


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