Health literacy helps healthy individuals and patients (and their families) to understand health risks. The SENACA knowledge content show what health risks are to what they do, and how they can be stabilized or reduced.

All main topics (such as hypertension) are divided into chapters, which cover the causes, consequences, diagnosis, prevention and treatment and can be completed with a quiz at the end. Medical facts are explained with illustrations and animations. In addition, terms with a built-in glossary are stored.

Also see recent articles around the theme of health in the learning area.


The SENACA system is individually made for you. This means that the devices are configured for you before delivery and the public health programme adapts oneself to your risk. The first step to your personal system of SENACA is, to get to know your risk - with the SENAcheck, you can fill out anonymously also.

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2019-11-16 23:15