Here, clearly, you have collected your personal health information in one place.

The values that you want to improve with a change in behavior will be worn daily or weekly automatically depending on your measurement plan. These include most of the blood pressure and the weight, calories and the blood sugar (glucose).

With additional devices you can also measure specific values as your lung function or the oxygen saturation (in the blood) and automatically transfer to your health profile.

Also you can find your personal details as well as the SENAcheck here including risk profile.


The SENACA system is individually made for you. This means that the devices are configured for you before delivery and the public health programme adapts oneself to your risk. The first step to your personal system of SENACA is, to get to know your risk - with the SENAcheck, you can fill out anonymously also.

Mein Profile (Preview)

2019-12-07 10:08