Based on your risk profile calculated by the SENAcheck, the SENACA System provides you recommendations.

All of what you should think about every day is included in your weekly and daily programs in corresponding tasks: measuring, medication, nutrition, activity, knowledge and motivation.

In this area, you also manage your medication, for which you can get detailled information from the connected medication-database at any time.

The SENACA System evauates your progress on a weekly basis and adapts your program accordingly. When following the recommendations and fulfilling your tasks, you should be able not only reaching your goals, but also improve your habits in a healthier way.



The SENACA system is individually made for you. This means that the devices are configured for you before delivery and the public health programme adapts oneself to your risk. The first step to your personal system of SENACA is, to get to know your risk - with the SENAcheck, you can fill out anonymously also.

SENACA Program (Preview)

2019-12-07 11:03