Empower and engage critical illness survivors and improve their Quality of Life.
And to equally support their family and informal carers.


SENACA AG is a spin-off of European Medical Network EMN AG, both independent Swiss SMEs.

The Senaca®-System

The integrated solution for self-management of health and chronic diseases or risks.

SENACA is a personalized and clinically tested digital system for your structured self-management of chronic risks and diseases.

Based on clinical or your @home assessments you may set targets for main biomarkers as objectives of your online health plan.

With medical-grade tracking devices and connectivity you will be guaranteed safe and secure remote monitoring.

SENACA System SB 100

Your SENACA health plan provides you with

  • an easy way to manage your medication and support your daily adherence (and alerting your carers in case of repeated non-adherence)
  • a highly personalized activity and nutrition algorithm with daily/weekly targets, which you set and and-if necessary-amend
  • as well as weekly health educational features related to your condition

SENACA Program (Preview)

With SENACA statistics you track your progress and help your doctor to check your detailed health profile between spot-check consultations

SENACA Statistics (Preview)

SENACA knowledge offers relevant health literacy modules with testing facilities, as well as insights in new scientific studies or health industry developments which might be of your personal interest

SENACA | Knowledge

SENACA profile contains your self-recorded health data database with two objectives:

  • to show your compliance with set behavioural target data (activity/nutrition)
  • to add current medical information to your Electronic Health Record (EHR), if available

Mein Profile (Preview)

Your SENACA health journal allows you

  • to record specific health-related events in your electronic health diary
  • as well as self-monitoring of your health-related Quality of Life, based on arguably the leading scientific questionnaire (EQ5D)

Journal (Preview)


Omar Lahyani

Chief Executive Officer ad int.

John Winistoerfer


Herbert Hotz

Chief Technology Officer

Giedrius Počiuipa

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Urs Schneider

Medical Director

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